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DJI S1000 mit GH4Filmset "Tatort"Unsere beiden Piloten Alex und Detlef12138509_1618315878441899_2604903716918299255_o.jpg
Vorname: Alexander
Zuname: Wulf
Privat / Gewerbe: Gewerblich
Land: Deutschland
Bundesland: BE / NE / LUX / ÖS / SW
Technische Ausstattung:
Unser Einsatzmittel erstrecken sich über mehrere Quadrocopter, Hexacopter bis hin zu den großen Octocoptern.

Flugzeiten bis 15 Minuten (pro Akkuladung) je nach Anforderung.

4k zählt schon lange für uns zum Standard.

Eigene Kameras angefangen mit der GH4 (12, 25, 45mm) über Sony, Canon bis zur kleinsten (GoPro)

Außerdem fürs große Format, bringen wir eine Alexa Mini oder RED für Sie sicher in die Luft.
Nachricht an den Inhaber dieses Eintrages

Nachricht an den Inhaber dieses Eintrages

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We fly with hand built, well maintained and redundant camera rigs in several sizes. They are used  in fast flights of up to 80 km/h or long range ones dependent on the requested mission profile.

We are capable of flying our rigs at windspeeds up to 6 Beaufort (22-28 kn, 39-49 km/h).

All shots are stabilized but windspeeds of 5 or 6 Beaufort can prolong production time since we might have to reposition/restart. According to the task we might use a Quadro, Hexa, Octocopter or any of our POV/FPV machines. All copters are euippedwith stabilized gimbals and we shoot from FULL HD up to 4K in 24, 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps. Other framerates on request.

Highest possible aerial fps as of mid 2015 is FULL HD at 960 fps for super slow motions.

We can also live stream our aerial view and hook it up to your feed or any other broadcasting solution including the internet. Great for live events like music festivals, sport events etc.

We use redundant rigs on set and are able to fly throughout a complete production day. We bring our own power source for recharging batteries and keep enough batteries around to not interrupt your production flow.

You can use your own cameras but because of precise setup procedures we prefer to use ours.

find some aerial shots on vimeo from us:

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